Females with Aspergers Syndrome Checklist by Samantha Craft


Source: Females with Aspergers Syndrome Checklist by Samantha Craft


Are You A Multipotentialite*?


Your Rainforest Mind

I am not a multipotentialite. But I’ve known many. Many. I’ve lived with one. Most of my counseling clients fit the bill. Several friends. I suspect that I’m not one so that I can better help all of you who are. If I were one, too, well, things could get messy.

CC Flickr Martin Lambe CC Flickr Martin Lambe

For those of you who are new to the term, let me explain. In an earlier post, I described how you may be overwhelmed  by your extraordinary curiosity. Not only that. You may, in fact, be as capable in the field of chemistry as you are in philosophy or as skilled in music as you are in literature. And you want to do it all. Depth and diversity are exciting, stimulating and necessary.

You’re afflicted with multipotentiality. Thus, you are a multipotentialite. (a term coined by Emilie Wapnick*, thanks Emilie)

You may be like my client. I’ll call…

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The Phenomenon Known as Third Culture Kid


The Forgotten Bloggers

TCK. Third culture kids. What are they?

A third culture kid is a person who’s had a significant part of their childhood spent in more than one country (that is not their birth one). In other words a nomad. Commonly these are the kids of diplomats, or military parents. However, in recent years, this has gone on to encompass more than that. Especially with the rise of multinationals.

The Asians' plan for world domination. -insert evil laugh here- The Asians’ plan for world domination. -insert evil laugh here-

By some form of an extended definition, I am one too.

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TCK isn’t easy to handle. 제3문화 아이들.


TCK isn't easy to handle. 제3문화 아이들.

Eu nasci em 1993 no Brasil sendo brasileira e mongol.( com sangue da Inglaterra,da Suiça e do Japão)
2 anos depois conheci a Europa.
Viajamos para Mongolia.
Voltamos para o Brasil onde eu passei a maior parte do meu tempo na praia.
O meu pai achou trabalho na Belgica. E la vamos pra Europa de novo.
Esse ano vai fazer 10 anos que eu estou morando aqui, fora das minhas raízes proprias.
Mas em nenhum lugar eu posso dizer : Aqui è a minha casa. Pois casa nao e um lugar… casa è onde o seu coraçao fica.
Click on the image to see if you’re a TCK or not.



Des fois, le soir, je m’assieds et réfléchis.

Mon cerveau pompe le reste d’énergie vitale qu’il me reste pour formuler des hypothèses sur la vie o somente pensar em situaçoes encontradas durante o dia.

Cette fois-ci, il a été plus poétique.

J’ai pensé à l’université, mais pas en tant que bâtiment scolaire mais plus comme arbre fruitier.

Certains arbres à fruits ( comme les cerisiers ) sont grands et ont d’énormes branches sinueuses.
Le parcours scolaire l’est aussi.

Et nous, élèves, étudiants, sommes les petites cerises grossissant jour après jour grâce à la sève, au soleil, à la pluie …

Puis, une cerise va tomber et nourrira le sol, une se fera manger par une mésange, une autre n’arrivera pas à maturité, sa voisine pourrira et celle de la branche du dessus servira à la confiture.


Chacun sa route, chacun son chemin.

амьдарч чадвал амьдрал агуу


Writing with a broken pencil is pointless.



Since I am planning not to post pictures of myself, you all will have the pleasure to look deep into my eyes.

but.. let’s introduce myself, ok ? Nothing interesting though, kind of an habit…

I am Yasmeen ( you can call me Solongo if you’re mongolian)
I am 21 years old.
I live in Belgium but I was born in Brazil.
I am at the university ( not enjoying at all, totally not my cup of tea)
We can communicate in French, English, Portuguese, Mongolian, Russian and Spanish . I can express my opinions briefly in Dutch, German and Japanese.
I am learning Korean and Chinese (wo hui shuo yi dian zhong guo hua)
Hobbies…mmh…I spend my whole day in front of a computer watching series and movies ( Ugh I like that sh*t), scrolling on RocketNews, LeMonde, Olloo and Ria Novosti.

I also post ephemeral beauty on Tumblr (wanna see it ? Just ask ! NSFW btw…)
I am a big music fan (all kind of music)
If you want some more about me or share your infos with a creepy geek weirdo eurasian girl… FEEL FREE.